I’ve been sitting here trying to understand why some people support captivity. I’ve really been trying to see their perspective and understand why they think what they do, but I just can’t.

Who really thinks it’s a good idea to imprison an apex predator that weighs thousands of pounds in a box just so they can perform tricks? Like why would anybody at all think that is a good idea?

Why on earth would someone claim to love orcas and then support they industry that bombed and killed the southern resident orcas?

It really doesn’t make much sense, sticking a massive animal like an orca in a box and expecting it to be healthy and be happy.

Humans can’t replicate an orca’s normal environment, so why would you expect it to act normal?

Literally, captivity is just illogical.

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    unfortunately it’s not illogical, it just makes $$$
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    To me, what it all comes down to is this: YOU ARE KEEPING A WHALE IN A SWIMMING POOL. A SWIMMING POOL FOR SHIT’S SAKE....
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  12. everydayabrandnewstart said: because there are people, many if not most, that think animals feelings/needs don’t matter. i mean, look at the entire meat industry. we torture and kill millions a day.
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