also in case you didn’t know, whales smell DISGUSTING

fellow whale watchers will understand

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Up close.

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I used to be way more involved in this debate, like I would be the first to jump in to correct misinformation and I would post informational things all the time

I’m not sure what happened. I feel like I’m very much in the background now, no longer doing anything useful.

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mojavedolphins → I need new music so top 5 music acts

1. Christina Perri!

2. Rosi Golan

3. The Paper Kites

4. Marie Hiles

5. Bess Rogers

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shadmine → I'm sorry if this sounds insensitive, I really do love orca whales, but I don't know how you tell them all apart! (The wild ones, that is, they all look the same to me ^^; ) How do you do it?

It’s really easy once you get the hang of it! There’s no shame in asking :)

The easiest way to tell is by looking at their dorsal fins and saddle patches. When you find a good photo of a wild orca, zoom in and search for any tiny nicks or chips in the dorsal fin. Note the shape and curvature (some males have wavy looking fins.)

Next, look at the saddle patch, which is the gray area behind the dorsal fin. It will either be open, closed, or have a “finger” trailing upwards off it. I’ve found that resident orcas usually have more identifiable saddles than transients. Remember, the saddle can differ greatly on each side! While some orcas have two saddle patches that look similar, there are some with ones that look completely different from each other. For example, AK1 Hive has one very open saddle and one very closed one!

Once you’ve got the hang of it, it’s actually pretty easy to ID wild orcas :)

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Anonymous → Top 5 colors

1. Teal/Blue

2. Red

3. Lavender

4. Purple

5. Green??

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well fuck my laptop charger just broke

the metal prongs on the charger literally fell off

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Anonymous → Top 5 dream careers

1. Whale researcher!!

2. Wildlife photographer

3. Virologist

4. Museum educator

5. Anything to do with biology really

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Ask me my “TOP 5” anything!
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untitled by Abdou.W on Flickr.

I dare you to look at this photo and tell me there’s not an intelligent, beautiful soul behind those eyes.


untitled by Abdou.W on Flickr.

I dare you to look at this photo and tell me there’s not an intelligent, beautiful soul behind those eyes.

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The spy hopping | Masayuki Miyamoto


The spy hopping | 
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Thinking of adopting an orca from the Whale Museum. Only question, do I want an awesome huge boy like Mega, or a lil cutie like Finn?
(Or Spock, of the awesome dorsal and gender confusion)

Haha! My first adopted orca was Ruffles… Then Eclipse… who turned out to be his daughter! But choosing which orca to adopt is so difficult! 

um you always want huge awesome boys like mega because mega is jesus prettymuch

bro I think you want to adopt the fabulous Tsuchi.

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(don’t worry, we’ll be back to your regularly scheduled ninja turtles programming soon)

(also sorry about the picture quality, i haven’t had a working scanner in awhile :()

Recently I’ve been reading extensively about Marineland Canada, a place I used to really enjoy visiting and whose animals are dear to my heart (Ontarians all know the “Everyone Loves Marineland” ear worm commercial!). Recently, after a lot of a research (and not being 13 any more) my stance on whale and dolphin captivity has changed significantly, where I no longer support it and don’t believe these animals, with all their self-awareness and smarts, do well there at all.

Marineland’s a prime example because Marineland, it turns out, is a literal whale death trap.

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Anonymous → why do you adopt the orcas? isn´t that even as worse as keeping them like in sealife? I just want to know why, I don´t judge or anything




The orca adoption is symbolic. You don’t actually take home an orca and put it in your bath tub. The money you spend on the adoption funds research and conservation efforts for the Southern Resident population, the only orca population in the world that is listed as endangered.

With the adoption packet you get a ton of information about the Southern Residents as well as photos of your “adopted” animal. Every year they also have new patches that go out with adoption packets, I’ve basically started to collect the patches. 

So, no. It’s not worse. It’s not even comparable. It’s supporting the preservation of a threatened population, which is something I am more than happy to support. 

Errrr what?

i’m just imagining doing a whale adoption online and then going out back and there’s this southern resident being lowered from a helicopter like some kind of scary zoo tycoon nightmare

When I adopted Tsuchi, my little sister was horrified because she thought they were gonna send me a whale in the mail lmao

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